Great Coffee is the Foundation to a WellBrewed™ Life

Aroma Coffee Roasters specializes in carefully selecting, sourcing and roasting coffee beans. We complete the roasting process in small batches to maintain quality roasting profiles. Upon roasting, we immediately pack and seal the fresh roasted whole coffee beans to ensure the highest product quality and freshness that coffee consumers expect from specialty coffee roasters.

The green coffee beans we acquire are Fair Trade at a minimum, and Direct Trade whenever possible.  We select beans from countries around the world including: Kenya, Ethiopia, Peru, Costa Rica, Honduras, Brazil, Sumatra, and Guatemala. We believe coffee is best experienced through sampling to understand the resulting harmony of flavors. By sampling various origins of where coffee is grown, we can appreciate the true artistry of coffee farming, processing and roasting. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience for drinking coffee while also sharing our knowledge and passion for coffee.

You can find us, by appointment, in our Roasting Plant located at 2960 Westwood Drive, Suite 17, Las Vegas, NV 89109.