Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there, big thinkers! Looking for answers to those mysterious questions swirling around in your head? Look no further - we've got the answers you're searching for on our FAQ page. We know how important it is to get fast and straightforward resolutions to life's queries, so we've gathered an extensive list of frequently asked questions. Hopefully, the answer you're searching for is contained herein. If not, we love to chat and encourage you to reach out. After all, the only foolish question is the one not asked!


Various payment options allow you to make your purchases in no time - whether you're a Visa, Mastercard, AmEx fan, an Amazon addict, or prefer to pay directly via Facebook, Google, and Instagram!


Our team is dedicated to ensuring your daily caffeine fix arrives fresh and on time! Your order will be processed in a speedy 48 hours or less, but please bear with us if it takes up to 72 - we want you to sip the freshest coffee possible. We ship orders Monday through Friday via UPS and USPS – holiday shipping delays could affect how soon it reaches you.


Satisfying your coffee needs is our top priority! While coffee cannot be returned once it's been delivered, please reach out within the week if you're unhappy with your order. You can reach us by email at or by phone at (702) 330-3933. We'll do everything possible to ensure you have something that makes you smile!

We want to help make it right if your item arrived damaged! Send us a photo of the damage; if the box was affected too, you could snap that as well. Let us know what order number this concerns so we can provide some speedy replacement shipping back to you!


Our team is dedicated to only offering the highest quality coffees, one cup at a time. Our roasts are tailored to each unique bean; our blends have a medium roast, and single origins typically lean towards lighter notes - but for those who love that deep, bold flavor? We've got you covered with our Atomic Leg Kick!

Prepare for the richest, freshest cup of coffee you've ever tasted! Here at Aroma, we only offer whole-bean coffee to ensure that your morning pick-me-up is brimming with flavor. As soon as it's ground, oxidation begins, compromising its freshness and affecting taste - so grind before brewing every time for the best results! This brew will be pure perfection, with perfectly prepared grounds in each sip.

It's time to give your coffee the royal treatment! Keep its flavor at peak perfection by storing it fully intact - whole bean – in an airtight container. Make sure you keep it away from any source of light or heat and resist the urge to put that bag in the fridge or freezer; Coffee beans don't like fluctuations in temperature, so keep them happy and secure on a pantry shelf- far away from moisture for maximum enjoyment every cup.

Coffee is like a sponge, absorbing the tastes and smells of its surrounding environment. So choose your storage container wisely - don't be tempted to reuse that pickle jar! Also, don't keep your coffee next to any potent spices or food, as this could taint the flavor of your delicious brew.

Get ready to fill your pantry with the freshest beans around! Our sealed bags keep your freshly-roasted coffee delicious and flavorful for up to 90 days. Once you break that seal, though, don't dally – enjoy your coffee beans within 1 to 2 weeks for peak taste excellence.

At Aroma, we celebrate the seasonality of coffee and offer our customers an ever-changing selection. Our selection reflects where coffees are best grown during different times of year - so stay tuned for delicious new varieties! But fear not if you can’t find a particular bean on your next visit: We have Atomic Leg Kick ready to fuel you up all year long—plus, chat or email us anytime with questions about which good brew will fit just right into your cup!

Our coffees are like nothing else - we take sustainability and ethically-sourced beans seriously. Through our teams-at-origin approach, it’s easy to trace the journey of our coffee from the farm straight into your cup! We work diligently with suppliers worldwide to ensure that each sip you enjoy is produced equitably for everyone involved.

Our coffees might not carry the prestigious 'Organic' title, but we still care about quality! Our producer partners use pesticides only in extreme cases and prioritize sustainability by operating good nutrition programs. The organic certification process tends to be beyond the reach of small farms; however, our commitment remains firm: guaranteeing coffee made with sustainable practices is at its peak flavor every time you brew a cup!

Our coffees are carefully sourced with great attention to both quality and sustainability. We only choose heirloom Arabica varietals passed down through generations and cultivated by families or communities with traditional farming practices. So you can sip confidently, knowing it's not genetically modified!