Brazil Carmo di Minas - Swiss Water Decaf


Farm Description

Our Carmo de Minas lots are decaffeinated by Swiss Water Process that gently, and without chemicals, remove the bean's caffeine.  Made up of a single dry-processed coffee from Santa Ines, the sweetness, body and cleanliness remain highlighted after the decaffeination process.

Cupping Notes

The dry grounds have a nutty sweetness, almost like peanut sauce.  A strong sweetness is present with fruit and cocas notes as well.  The wet grounds present the smell of black strap molasses with a touched of canned stone fruits and roasted nuts.  In the cup, expect a big-bodied cup of bittersweet chocolate and candied nuts.  Overall, a good daily drinking decaf that works well both as both a brewed coffee and as a decaf espresso.  


Full City


Dry Process

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